Welcome to KOVACK POTTERY! We are located in Seagrove, NC. Our pottery is all hand-turned, hand-built, and hand-painted here on the premises.

Hand-Built Pottery

Michelle is developing some new pottery pieces hand-built with slabs and extruded forms! More items and photos to come.

Large Platter 13"X8.75"X1"

Deep Serving Dish 13"X9.25"X2.25

Serving Dish 10.5"X8"X1"


Platter 13"X8.75"X1.5"

Square Plate 8"X8"X1"

Oval Plate 10."5X8"X1"


Napkin Holder - 5" tall

Eyeglass Holder - 3.5" tall

Mini Sculpted Owls & Cats - 1" tall

Nickel-Free Earrings

Napkin Rings - 2"

Sponge Holder - 4" tall

6-sided Mini Bud Vases - 2.5" tall

4-Sided Bud Vases - 4.5" tall

Charm (put on your own necklace chain)


Square Salt & Pepper Set

Square Cinnamon Sugar Shakers - 3.25" tall

Outhouse Salt & Pepper Set

6-sided Toothpick Holders - 1.75" tall

6-sided Mini Baskets - 2" tall

Square Baskets - 3" tall